Village of Blasdell, New York 

Safety Tips

It is a violation of the Vehicle and Traffic law to leave you motor vehicle running and unattended.  Do not leave your car running with either the keys in the ignition or the car running from the FOB where it can be driven off.  Using your car starter is not a violation of the law as the car can not be driven when started using a car starter.  This leads to unnecessary thefts of motor vehicles.  Never leave your children unattended in a car while running at any time.  Cars have been stolen with children in the car.

Be aware that this is package delivery season.  If you are expecting a package delivery and won't be home, leave a note on the door to deliver to a neighbor who will be home.  If you have cameras on your home, please ensure that you have the longest retention time of the video so if a crime occurs, we can get the video from your system before it overwrites.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hoildays and Happy New Year to all!!!


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